Success stories

In need of some inspiration? These stories are from people like you; people who are determined not to let the pain of knee osteoarthritis hold them back. Take control and get set for the adventure ahead.


Lee Wan Hwee 李婉惠

Housewife 家庭主妇

Staying active is a huge priority in my life, and I am able to do so much more by wearing this brace. When I had my microfracture surgery almost 2 years ago, my orthopedic surgeon told me that my running days were over. When I wear this brace, I am able to get on the treadmill and run for 6 miles.

Jeffrey W.


Here I am on a 240-mile hike on the John Muir Trail. I carried up to 59 pounds, crossing 10 passes over 11,000 feet, including Mt. Whitney at 14,494 feet.

Don G


If I’m going to be on my feet all day, I make sure I wear the Unloader One so my knee won’t bother me. Since the Unloader One is working for me, surgery on my left knee could be delayed forever.

Lawrence F.


I want to tell you how grateful I am for this Unloader One brace. My knee had become so painful, I feared I was facing a knee replacement. With this brace, I am PAIN FREE. I do everything with it, including walking, biking, and Pilates!

Joan W.

Pilates and Hiking

The Unloader FIT, and the Unloader One enable me to do all the things I love to do. Skiing, wake surfing, wakeboarding, biking, golfing, and hiking in the Rocky Mountains are all possible with the use of the braces. They allow me to live my life without limitations!

*The product name of Unloader FIT has changed to Unloader One Lite.

Ken R.

Cycling, Wakeboarding, Running