Unloader braces

Effective braces built upon a proven design that reduces knee pain caused by unicompartmental osteoarthritis of the knee and often helps delay the need for surgery.
Alleviate the pain and rediscover your sense of adventure.

Össur Össur

Osteoarthritis: mild to moderate

Movement: low to average impact

Activities: walking, shopping, gardening, golf

Össur Össur

Osteoarthritis: moderate to severe

Movement: average to high impact

Activities: walking, hiking, running, cycling

How do Unloader Braces Work?

Unloader knee braces biomechanically address knee OA pain by creating more space between the bones of the knee joint. The brace’s dual Dynamic Force Straps (DFS) apply a gentle force designed to reduce pressure on the sensitive bony surfaces of the knee reducing pain and allowing increased mobility. Unloader knee braces feature a lightweight, low-profile design, which is barely noticeable, and fits comfortably under clothing. And, utilizing the SmartDosing® dial with Boa® Technology, you can easily change the dual DFS tension to adjust the degree of unloading, even through clothing. Scroll up on this page to view our full line of Unloader Braces.